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    Here is a great Bar Mitzvah party at Hampshire Country Club in Mamaroneck, NY.


    "Everyone had an amazing time! No, wait, the most amazing time of time of their lives!"


    Steadicam cinematography by Bruce Cullen. Check out his website here: dreamimagesrlmp.com

    AnthonyAce MC and Host. High-Energy - This is how we do it!

    4 straight hours of non-stop Music Energy Passion and excitement! This was a huge event!

    Passion Energy Filled Talent!

    #Weddings that ROCK THE HOUSE! Percussionist adds the BOOM you want! That's me - AnthonyAce Conklin, on the drums! This wedding was a tremendous success!

    LIVE Percussion with Gabe!

    You will LOVE the BOOM energy Gabe the #percussionist brings to the party - Bongos, sax, trumpet -the sound is something, unlike anything you've heard before. A Special AceMuzic Performance for a crowd of fantastic people!

    Super Sweet 16 Celebration at Mulinos at Lake Isle

    High Energy!!

    AnthonyAce energizing audiences for 27 years!

    In the Meantime

    Listen to a some GREAT Dance Music while you enjoy our site! Music by AnthonyAce Conklin of AceMuzic.

    Entertain with Passion

    This is your party with MC AnthonyAce and AceMuzic crew! #partytime

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