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As a DJ, your Authenticity makes you Real!

Attention DJs, MCs and business owners. I want to talk to you about authenticity. 

You know, the dictionary defines authenticity as being real and being genuine. When was the last time you checked yourself for real authenticity ? In speaking, tweeting, snapping or in email?

Now, take 10 seconds and think about the last time you had a conversation with someone who was real and authentic.

You know, most people, when you speak to them, are halfway listening. They want to give you an answer based on what you said, but not really being authentic, genuine and real, or take into consideration what you're really trying to say. In business being authentic separates you from all the noise.

You know, in the entertainment space it's really funny, it's a funny thing because a lot of DJs and entertainment companies talk about all the great lights they have and all the great dancers they have, and all their big systems they have; but they never once sit down and ask the question to the customer: What’s the most important thing to you? What are you trying to accomplish? What's your goal?

Be real, be genuine, put yourself in their shoes. Understand what they're trying to get to. You know, -in personal relationships, especially with a spouse or a significant other, you always want to be genuine and be real and tell them how you're really feeling. That's really important because you can bullshit your way through a relationship for many, many years and all of a sudden something explodes. And it's probably because you weren't real and genuine.

"Authenticity is about being real" …it works – it’s who you are…. Authenticity not only helps you grow elevates your business above the competition it builds your identity and image into something influential.

 You want to be influential – that’s how you make things happen – be an Authentic change agent!

The message today is authenticity…for you, your family and your business. Remember, you have greatness within you. Always live life to the max and we'll see you next time.

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